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Woman says mom's grave trashed by vandals over and over again

Posted at 11:07 PM, Nov 30, 2017

A Las Vegas valley woman is heartbroken after she says her mom's grave has been trashed over and over again.

"I really really miss my mom," said Rebecca Dungey.

Dungey's mom, Ramona, was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in April.

The family chose the historic site because two sisters are buried there. Since then, they've had second thoughts.

"Beer bottles over here," said Dungey.

Videos and pictures document the mess. According to loved ones, their mom's final resting place has been trashed on four different occasions. The family is devastated.

"Basically now it's her home," said Dungey, "..and it should be nice."

The company contracted to take care of the city site says they're doing all they can.  

They tell 13 Action News trespassers aren't just destroying property but also attacking workers.  In each case, they call the martial for help.

"If they don't have the manpower like they say," said Dungey, "... the only other solution could be closing the gates and locking them up."

13 Action News has reached out to the city to see if the cemetery's hours can be limited.

We will continue to follow this story.