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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Suspicious handyman

Posted at 11:39 PM, Apr 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-14 02:57:57-04
A valley woman says a man tried to break into her home pretending to be a handyman. She caught it all on her surveillance cameras.
"I had a clear view of him there as he was looking through the window at me," said Diann Dunn-Friedman.
She watched it all go down on her monitor inside her home that has views of all eight surveillance cameras. She sees the man pull up in his white truck, park in front of her home, walk up the driveway, and she believes it was all with intention to break in.
"It's sad because you can't feel safe in your own home anymore here."
First she watched him go into the carport to try the back door that was locked. But as he did that, he then stared right into one of the surveillance cameras.
Then, he went around to the front door. The surveillance video shows the man peeking into the window. That's when Dunn-Friedman took action.
"Get out!" she yelled. "I do not want you here! You better leave now!"
Dunn-Friedman yelled those words through her front door. She says that's what prompted him to do what he did next. He stuck a flier for handyman services in her door. The flier had a phone number on it. Dunn-Friedman and 13 Action News both tried calling it. Both times, it went to an operator.
"To go to that length that he did to have a flier made up with a number to make it look legit," she said. "To wear the clothing, to make it look legit. And to be a thief! His intentions were to break into my house and ruin my life."
Dunn-Friedman is counting her blessings now.
"It could have ended a lot differently because I would have shot him," she said. "I would not have hesitated!"