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Woman says coyote killed dog in Henderson

Posted at 7:42 PM, Sep 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-01 22:42:40-04

Monica Parker grew up in Henderson and has never seen a coyote.

So, the last thing she imagined was losing was her dog Annabelle to one.

On Tuesday night, she said when she called for her dogs Annabelle and Willow, only Willow came back.

Parker said when she heard a high pitch squeal, she ran outside to look for her Chihuahua -- and Annabelle was gone.

"I was up for two hours looking for my dog couldn't find any of her," she said.

The next morning, Parker said it was clear she was taken by a coyote because there were paw prints left behind.

Parker eventually found Annabelle's body at a dirt lot across the street from where she lives, near Burton Street and Major Avenue, southwest of Boulder Highway.

"That was not what I wanted to see, but I am glad I got her home," she said.

"I grabbed a towel and picked her up brought her home and gave her a nice little burial," Parker added.

Annabelle's death is one of more than a dozen pet deaths in the past month attributed to coyotes in the area. The other incidents were reported further north on Boulder Highway, near Tropicana Avenue.