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Woman says apartment left her without heat

Posted at 5:31 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-15 10:51:49-05
Problems started the moment our viewers says she moved into her apartment in North Las Vegas.
When she was without heat for two weeks, she got fed up and called Action News.
Precious Curtis said it started out with promises that were never fulfilled.
When she moved into Liberty Village in April 2014, the unit was not painted and the washer and dryer were broken.
The replacement dryer is still sitting in her living room.
But things got worse when the heat went out the first week of December. Curtis bought a space heater and slept in the living room with her six kids to stay warm.
"When we had no heat for two weeks it was really bad," said Curtis. "The fact that I had to put my kids on the floor and on the couch for those two weeks so that we could have heat in one room was horrible."
After they fixed the heat, she said the pipes in both bathrooms started leaking. She said she called them and they didn't fix it, and things continued to get worse.
"The water started really coming out of the walls to where it was flooding the bathroom floor," Curtis said. "I called the emergency number, they took down the information and told me they would get someone out right away. No one ever came. So for six days we were standing in flooded waters in the bathroom."
When maintenance finally came to fix it, they had to turn off the water for two days. But after they finished, Curtis said they left a mess that she is still stuck with.
They left chunks out of the wall in both bathrooms.
Action News went to the leasing office to get an explanation for the various problems and slow responses.
They told us someone would call us, but when no one did we went back again. We talked to the Director of Property Management.
He said after our calls, they went to Curtis' unit to make sure the heat is fixed, and said they'll be fixing the wall "right away."