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Woman says Animal Control won't pick up dead puppy near dumpster

Posted at 6:17 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 22:22:29-05
A valley woman turned to 13 Action News for help after she says Animal Control won't clean up a dead puppy next to a dumpster in a shopping plaza near Eastern and Tropicana avenues.
The woman, who we are calling Jane, says she found the puppy on Sunday. She said she called Animal Control right away.
"They (Animal Control) told me that it was not a priority because the dog was dead," said Jane. "(They said) they would have to keep pushing it back until they could get someone to respond."
Four phone calls and five days later, Jane couldn't take it anymore and turned to 13 Action News for help.
We reached out to Clark County to see what was going on. We were told a slightly different story than what Jane had said.
The county rep said they sent an Animal Control officer to check it out on two separate occasions but that the dumpster was locked.
Jane knows the dumpster is locked but says she made that clear to the officer and doesn't believe anyone ever came because she never got a phone call about it.
"They still keep telling me it's not a priority and that they can't get someone out here."
Clark County told us they would try and get someone out there Thursday after we called but as of 6 p.m., Jane says the dead puppy was still there.