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Woman says abandoned home making her miserable

Posted at 6:46 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 21:46:39-05
We had a lot of wind across the valley for the last few days and it is the reason a woman is demanding action.
She told Action News whenever it is windy, junk from an abandoned house nearby blows onto her property.
Afraid of retaliation from her HOA, the woman did not want us to show her face. We will call her "Mary." Mary said the property behind her has been empty for almost two years.
"It's been broken into four or five times through the garage," said Mary. "Nothing's been done."
Besides being an eyesore, Mary said it is also damaging her home. Any time it is windy, she says the fronds, seed pods, and branches blow onto her property. She said she has even been hit in the head by debris from the unkempt palm trees.
"They've clogged up our garage roof with seeds in the drainage part with seed pods and palm fronds and everything and our garage leaks, so every time the garage leaks when it rains, we get white mold," Mary said.
She said she and her landlord have both reached out to APS Management, who run the HOA, but never got any help.
"I feel trapped because I don't own the place so I can't really say much," said Mary. "They're not going to listen to me because I don't own it so I don't have much of a voice."
Action News called APS Management to get answers. They said they cannot share any information as to whether they're doing anything about cleaning the lot up, or holding an owner accountable.
The Clark County Assessor's site shows the owner as the Purtle Family Revocable Living Trust.
APS would only say Mary and her landlord should make sure to submitted complaints in writing.
We tried to find out if there's anything specifically spelled out in the HOA rules about landscaping.
They didn't exactly want to give us a straight answer.
We kept pushing and they eventually told me the governing documents for the HOA have provisions about landscaping.