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Woman reportedly attacks Las Vegas teens

Posted at 11:39 PM, Dec 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 12:46:33-05

A Las Vegas student is recovering after she says a woman attacked a group of friends as they left school.

It all happened outside Canarelli Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

Las Vegas police say they were called to the area near Robindale Road and Torrey Pines Drive when three teens reported the woman hit them.

It is easy to see the black eye and busted lip, Lexi Dominguez says she suffered in the attack that she says started as she and two friend were walking home from school.

"I see this woman throwing water bottles at a giant group of kids," Dominguez said. "My friend said you can't do that to kids, and then she ran over and got in her face and started hitting her."

At that point, the girl says she pulled the woman off her friend, but the woman's anger was quickly redirected at Dominguez.

"She socked me in the face," Dominguez said.  "The next thing I know she grabs my necklace and starts choking me and pulls me into the street.  She starts pounding me even more."

As she was down in the street, the middle schooler says the woman hit her with a drawstring backpack.

Dominguez says she managed to get away when the woman lost her grip on the bag.

A group of parents reportedly followed the woman to a nearby home.

Police said they tried contacting the woman, but got no answer at the door.

Investigators will continue looking into the attack as a potential battery case.

For the time being, Lexi's parents say they will not be letting their daughter walk anywhere after school.