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Woman fakes skin illness, found guilty of fraud

Posted at 8:53 AM, Apr 06, 2016
Angel Cash plead guilty on April 6 on one count of insurance fraud after claiming that she developed a skin condition caused by a bed comforter. The fraud took place between July and November 2013.
Cash claimed that she was treated for the skin condition by a local physician with whom she was employed at the time. Without the physician's knowledge, cash forged one of the doctor's patient forms. She also fraudulently claimed that she was treated for the skin condition at Desert Springs Hospital by forging an invoice. Her claim was closed by her insurance company without payment.
“Insurance fraud is an affront to honest Nevadans and the integrity of the insurance system,” said Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt. “My Office remains committed to prosecuting frauds like this one and protecting consumers from the rising premiums caused by insurance fraud.” 
Cash was previously convicted in 2011 for stealing thousands of dollars from a dependent, elderly man while she was employed as his caretaker.