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Woman loses thousands after dentists leave

Posted at 6:45 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-19 22:09:38-05
A North Las Vegas woman said she is out several thousand dollars, all because she wants to change dentists.
Two different dentists left the practice in the middle of her clear aligner/braces treatment, and now the company won't give her a refund.
Anyone who has had braces knows, your teeth don't straighten out overnight. It is a process that take months and months of tweaking.
Letty Franklin opted for Invisalign, which is clear aligners changed every couple weeks.
"My dentist recommended this, it's something that people are doing, there are several people at work that have been doing it, and so i just decided to do invisalign," said Franklin.
She got a recommendation from several family members to see the doctors at Desert Point Dental.
After a few appointments, she was told the doctors she was seeing had a family situation and a different doctor would be taking over the practice.
"And he was great also," said Franklin. "He was nice, friendly, everything seemed perfect, there was nothing to complain about."
She did not want to change dentists, but was happy with the new one. But then, he left too!
"I walked in concerned and said, 'what happened to him,'" said Franklin. "And they said, 'oh well he left the country.'"
She told the folks at Desert Point Dental she had had enough and wanted to leave the practice. Letty told Action News she paid $3,000, and her insurance was going to pay for another $1,500.
Letty said even after she told them she was leaving, they billed her insurance anyway.
"I came to the office there saying, 'listen I just would like to have the money back that it's going to cost to transfer treatment,' and one of the responses that I got was, 'well you're not getting any money back.'"
She said all she wants is the money she needs to transfer care, which is $2,000. That is because the treatment they told her would only take nine months is already taking nearly a year, and they are not even done.
When Action News tried to get answers for Letty, even we got the runaround.
We called the local office for Desert Point Dental, but they told us to call the national office. When we called the national office, they asked us to call the local office.
We explained the local office sent us to them, and asked them to find someone who could address Letty's concerns.
Shortly after, they sent us the following statement:
"The top concern of Desert Point Dental is first and foremost our patients. Because of HIPAA privacy rules, we cannot discuss individual patient info. However, we can assure you that the satisfaction of our patients is our priority. Please encourage the patient to contact our team directly so we can ensure any concerns are resolved."