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UPDATE: City of Henderson to reimburse woman after sewer issue

Posted at 10:48 PM, Nov 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 02:54:44-05
LATEST: Less than 48 hours after our report, Mae Pickens said her problems were solved. The city of Henderson has agreed to reimburse her for the cost of the repairs associated with the leak. 
Pickens said a city official showed up at her door Wednesday morning. 
"I am elated, I tell you," said Pickens.
Pickens said all she must do is file a notice of claim form along with a copy of her receipts.  
The senior citizen said it's a relief that she no longer has to worry about finding extra cash.
"The thought on your mind, always, constantly," she said.
HENDERSON (KTNV) -- A sour smell has turned into one pricey problem for a Henderson woman. Mae Pickens says her water line and her sewer line broke and now she's left to foot the expensive bill.
Pickens put in a load of laundry last month and got way more in return than just some clean clothes. Her bathtub filled up with water and water built up underneath her washing machine. She called three plumbers.
"They said the blockage was the sewer line out in the street!" said Pickens.
For an entire month, Pickens had to take super quick showers, was unable to do laundry, and had to smell human waste all throughout her home.
"All in the front, into the living room and into the bathroom, I could smell it very badly."
Last Tuesday, a construction company was finally able to come check out the problem. They planned on digging just a small hole but it turned into a massive one nearly eight feet deep.
"I'm not a plumber, so I don't really know, but if I was tied in correctly, I don't think I would have had those problems," she said.
Pickens was told neither her water line, nor her sewer line were attached properly. So now, this issue, will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 to repair.
"I want them to take care of the cost of it!" said Pickens. "The city of Henderson to take care of the cost of it all."
Pickens feels something went wrong at some point in time before she moved in 15 years ago and now she is stuck footing the bill.
"There's some responsibility here and I don't feel it should be on me," she said.
As of right now, a spokesperson for the city of Henderson says Pickens will have to pay because the issue happened on her property.
The spokesperson said they will look further into this issue and how a future homeowner can prevent this from happening to them. They said they will get back to us Tuesday.