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Woman living in storage unit has new home thanks to Street Dogz

Posted at 7:40 AM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 11:32:36-04

A nonprofit starts out helping a woman with her dogs, but ends up helping her out of homelessness.

Cindy Andrews was living out of a storage unit. When she wasn't in her unit, she was out on the streets with her three dogs.

Andrews loves her three dogs.They are her family. When she had no one by her side and no roof over her head, they looked out for her.

"My blessing was that I had these three dogs because if anyone got near us they would bark and I would be warned," said Andrews.

Street Dogz is a group of volunteers that helps canines in bad situations. When they met Andrews she was living out of a storage unit. Even with her cane she had trouble walking.

"They've been such a blessing in my life. I had no idea that somebody could help this much," said Andrews.

For the people who helped Andrews the reasoning is obvious.

"How do you ignore your humanity? If you can help... We try to help," said Christine Guttilla, a volunteer for Street Dogz.

They got Andrews a place she can afford. Her dogs get to stay with her. Meals, showers, a bed-- she doesn't have to wonder if she'll have any of it. 

Street Dogz helped cover some of the move in costs, but Andrews expects to make her own payments soon.