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Woman living in fear after her Summerlin home ransacked

Posted at 5:39 PM, Jun 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-27 10:45:21-04

A local woman is living in fear after her Summerlin home was broken into and ransacked. 

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It happened near Lake Mead Boulevard and Anasazi Drive on Thursday around 6:30 in the morning.

Too afraid to show her face on camera, Stacey is truly living in fear.

"I can't even go to my house anymore by myself," says Stacey as she recounts walking into her home to find it completely trashed. 

"Bags were on the floor and my whole counter was destroyed, everything was dumped all the drawers in the shelves in my room and when I came into room, all my clothes were done."

Surveillance camera footage from a neighbor's home shows Stacey backing out of her driveway to head for work as a white pickup truck drives by. 

The truck reappears again and a man gets out and goes up to the house. He then backs the truck up to the house and stays there for almost an hour.

"It's the feeling of being so unsafe and that he saw photos and saw a personal information and I just feel like every everything will never be the same."

13 Action News Safety Expert Retired Las Vegas police Lt. Randy Sutton says ransacking is the result of crooks looking for a homeowner's most valued items. 

"They are looking for stuff that they can pull out and sell, jewelry, diamonds and cash," says Sutton. 

Sutton says burglars don't really know where to look for those prized possessions.

"Some people are very creative about having hiding places so if you could make room with the kitchen cabinets they keep their money or in a bread jar or something like that."

In Stacey's case, the burglar didn't get much but did leave behind a path of destruction. A path that Sutton says is typical for crooks without regard for what they're doing. 

"You've got a remember that these people that are going into other people's houses have zero respect for others' privacy, for any logic or for anyone else other than themselves."

Las Vegas police are investigating the burglary.