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Woman fights to get video from storage facility

Posted at 11:40 PM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-26 02:40:50-04
A woman is fighting to get surveillance video from a storage facility after she says her camp trailer was stolen from the secured lot where she was paying rent.
Kimberly Murch says she last saw her trailer around Christmas and noticed it was gone on Mother's Day.
"Kind of in a panic. I said please, please, please tell me you moved my camper to a different spot," Murch said.
That wasn't the case, Murch learned her camp trailer had been stolen.
While it had been nearly six months since Murch visited the facility, a satellite image from March shows the trailer was still parked in its space at that time.
She is angry the lot she was storing it at AAA Discount Storage didn’t notice and call her.
"They did advertise 24-hour video surveillance. So you could feel safe and secure about your belongings being there," Murch said.
Two weeks later she is still trying to get surveillance video.
"They keep giving me the run around," Murch said.
The managing member of the storage facility’s parent company says he's offered to give Murch the video, adding that detectives have also asked for the video.
He says he only learned about the problem with the trailer in the last week.
"If she does give us a USB we will be more than happy to download all of our videos," Benjamin Donel said.
Donel says the facility is very secure because of the cameras and security on site.
He says these cases often aren't a straightforward theft.
"The only way it could possibly be removed from the property is somebody would have the key to the trailer and drive it out of the property. Generally when these things happen it is a family member," Donnel said.
Murch says that is simply not the case adding that she has never spoken to Donnel.
"They've actually now stopped taking my phone calls,” Murch said.
Within hours of our first conversation with staff members at AAA Discount Storage, Murch says she dropped two flash drives off to the facility in hopes of getting whatever video is still left on the system.