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Woman fears donated Goodwill items being sold online

Posted at 12:06 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 15:06:36-04

A Southern Highlands woman believes donated items being stolen from a Goodwill drop-off, and then being sold online for profit.  

"I think it's shocking that people are willing to steal, from anybody really," says Sabrina Wilcox. 

Wilcox and her family are in the process of moving, and they're dropping off what they don't need at a remote Goodwill location near Cactus and Decatur.  Her husband recently made a couple trips to drop things off after hours, and on his second trip of the night, he noticed the items were gone.  The next day, Wilcox says she found those items on a social media garage sale. 

"At first I thought wow, I just dropped that off, that's kind of coincidental," says Wilcox.

However, one of the items she had donated was a rare kids scooter, that looks like a dinosaur.  Wilcox says that couldn't be a coincidence. 

According to a representative with Goodwill, donations at these drop-off sites help fund their job training services.  So anything stolen is money that could be used to help adults get back on their feet.  

Goodwill suggests you donate items at remote locations while there is an attendant working during the day.