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Las Vegas woman claims rescue group 'stole' her dog

Posted at 6:47 PM, Sep 24, 2018

A Las Vegas woman's post on social media is going viral after she claims a rescue group "stole" the dog she was set to adopt.

Jayne McKenna says it was love at first sight with her dog, Wicket. She named the Pekingese dog after the Ewok from Star Wars.

"He has such a cute, smushy face," she says.

She got his toys and bed ready and he lived with her for a month. 

But McKenna ran into some trouble after miscommunication over a scheduled dentist appointment she missed. But after rescheduling it, she says she was told after picking up the dog from his appointment and then paying the final $100 fee, the adoption would be final.

Instead, "that's the last time I saw him," McKenna said, adding that she's heartbroken. 

In addition to growing attached to Wicket, she says he was a life saver. McKenna was hospitalized for anorexia and says therapy dogs have been a big help. It's why she was hoping to train him to become one.

McKenna took her story to social media in hopes she could get Wicket back.

But the rescue group Peke, Paws, and Tails she was working with tells a different story. Through their lawyer, they claim it was Jayne who breached their contract.

In a statement to 13 Action News, the group says "[The] requirements are to communicate on a regular basis, to attend scheduled veterinary appointments that Pekes Paws and Tails remits payment for, and to remit adoption fees that help support other dogs in need. You failed to abide by these requirements of Pekes Paws and Tails. Accordingly, Pekes Paws and Tails had no alternative, but to take back possession of the dog."

They also claim they've been rescuing dogs for a decade without any problems.

The rescue group says Wicket will be going to a new family, but McKenna isn't giving up hope.

"I want him back," she says.