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Woman claims post office lost her package

Posted at 7:11 AM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 10:11:18-05
A valley woman is furious with the United States Postal Service, but not for something she shipped this holiday season.
She says they lost a package with $300 worth of stuff inside.
Every week or two, Jodi Steinzor goes to the post office at Smoke Ranch and Tenaya to ship stuff.
"The tellers, the people at the window, wonderful, sweet, they all know me by name," said Steinzor, "But it's a mess, it's a mess."
Steinzor said it is always busy, so she used one of the self-serve kiosks that particular day late in October to send a gift to her childhood friend back in New York.
She wanted to be sure it would get there on time, so Steinzor paid the $44.95 to overnight it.
But, she said the kiosk was broken so she could not put the package inside.
"The was no place to put the package, and they told me not to worry, they would take care of it," Steinzor said.
She said the employee set it on the counter with several other packages. Where it went after that is a mystery.
It never arrived in New York and according to USPS, they never scanned it and have no record of the package.
Steinzor submitted a claim and all the documentation, and USPS denied it.
"I'm angry, I'm mad," she said of the denial. "Take responsibility. I have the receipts here."
Action News reached out to USPS. They told us they have no record of the package.
So, we got photos of Steinzor's receipts and emailed those to USPS ourselves.
After that, they agreed to give her the $44.95 refund for shipping.