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Woman burglarized twice in 5 months at different homes

Posted at 11:35 PM, Feb 02, 2017
A Las Vegas woman says she has been burglarized twice in five months even though she moved between the crimes.
Nichole Knoepfle says she walked in on the most recent burglary Monday afternoon.
"Jewelry is gone, cash is gone, some of my purses are gone," Knoepfle said.
She says as she returned from the store, the thieves were running out a side gate of the home near Cheyenne Avenue and Rancho Road.
One inside, Knoepfle says she found the back door kicked in as well as her bedroom door.
"I am very particular about keeping my bedroom door locked. This is my sanctuary, this is my privacy. This is
my home," Knoepfle said.
She was even more frustrated by the burglary because her family had just replaced many of the items that were taken during a burglary at their old home in August. A neighbor’s surveillance cameras caught men running away after the first crime.
Knoepfle was awakened by those suspects breaking into the home and saw them leaving as well.
"My house was burglarized once, but now you guys do it again. Same MO, same people, same everything," Knoepfle said.
Now she is working to make sure it doesn’t happen a third time.
"My family is living in fear at this point," Knoepfle said. "We are taking turns. I'll sit up all night, or my mom will sit up all night."
As she considers another move, Knoepfle is frustrated and wants her stuff returned.
"They won’t go out and work for what I've worked for and they will come out here and steal what you've got," Knoepfle said.
Knoepfle is also working with police in hopes they can track down the suspects as well.