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Woman becomes Santa Claus with personalized letters and gifts to neighborhood kids

Posted at 11:56 PM, Dec 10, 2017

A Summerlin woman has become Santa Claus to the children in her neighborhood!

It all started when Nancy Papin found an adorable mailbox at the store. The mailbox said "The North Pole" and "Letters for Santa".

She knew it was too good to just be a front yard decoration!

Papin made her neighbors aware of her new box last December and invited them to let their kids know they could drop off letters for Santa!

"We started reading their letters and decided that what they asked for in the letter, we would try to get," said Papin.

Papin and her daughter shopped for 30 different gifts last Christmas and then Papin's granddaughter dressed up as an elf to deliver the gifts to the kids.

Papin made sure each child got at least one gift from their letter plus a personalized letter from Santa.

"You learn about the little kids and what they really like and what they do and it's just heart warming," she said. "It's just been quite a kick to do this for the little kids around."

Papin is doing it again this year. She just put out the box this weekend. She is excited to make dozens of children smile once again!

To save Papin's bank account, 13 Action News is not going to give a specific location of the mailbox. She does pay for everything with her own money!