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Witnesses asked to share information on Steve Wynn allegations

Posted at 2:15 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 17:15:44-04

The special committee investigating the allegations against Steve Wynn has announced a public channel for witnesses to share information about the investigation. 

The special committee of the Wynn Resorts Board of Directors is conducting a comprehensive review of workplace policies and procedures announced an email address for witnesses to share information relevant to the investigation.  Witnesses are encouraged to send an email to WynnInvestigation@gibsondunn.com, an email account that is being monitored by attorneys at Gibson Dunn who are assisting the Special Committee in conducting its investigation. Former employees or anyone else with information are also encouraged to email WynnInvestigation@gibsondunn.com.

Steve Wynn resigned in February after allegations of sexual misconduct

The Special Committee posted a message to employees from Patricia Mulroy, Chair of the Special Committee, on the Wynn Resorts intranet page and also in back-of-house areas. The message is below.  

Message from Patricia Mulroy, Chair of the Wynn Resorts, Limited Board of Directors’ Special Committee Investigating Allegations Against Steve Wynn

Dear Wynn Team Members:

I am an independent member of the Wynn Resorts Board of Directors and a former member of the Nevada Gaming Commission.  I am the chair of a Special Committee of independent directors formed by the Company’s Board of Directors.  The Special Committee is investigating recent allegations against Steve Wynn, including who knew about these allegations, when, and how they were handled.  We are also conducting a comprehensive review of policies and procedures with the goal of employing best practices to maintain a safe and respectful workplace. 

The Special Committee cares deeply about the safety and wellbeing of the 25,000 team members who make Wynn Resorts the premier destination that it is – and that’s why we are conducting a rigorous, thorough, honest and independent investigation.  We are committed to seeking the truth, wherever that leads us.  We have hired employment law experts at the Gibson Dunn law firm to assist us. 

We want to hear from any individual who has information that will assist the investigation.  If you have relevant information, please send an email to: WynnInvestigation@gibsondunn.com.  The Special Committee urges individuals with relevant information to come forward without fear of reprisal.  Retaliation against individuals who come forward or raise concerns will not be tolerated.

Let me try to answer a few questions you may have.

  • Who will receive my email?  The attorneys at Gibson Dunn who are conducting the investigation.  The Gibson Dunn partners leading this investigation are Jason Schwartz, Katherine Smith and Greta Williams.  
  • What can I expect after I send them an email?  An attorney from Gibson Dunn will review any information you provide and may ask you to set up a time to talk.  They are happy to meet you either off property or on property—wherever and whenever is most comfortable and convenient for you.   
  • Can I submit information anonymously?  Yes, you can use an anonymous email address although we encourage you to identify yourself if you feel comfortable doing so to allow us to follow up with you.  The Special Committee is committed to treating any information provided by witnesses as confidentially as possible, and with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.  
  • If I agree to talk to Gibson Dunn, will anyone from Wynn Resorts or the Special Committee be present?  No.
  • Who is on the Special Committee? The Special Committee is made up of three independent members of the Wynn Resorts Board of Directors—John Hagenbuch, Admiral Jay Johnson, and me, Patricia Mulroy.  To be clear, no one on the Special Committee is part of company management or otherwise employed by the company.
  • Does Gibson Dunn represent Mr. Wynn?  No. 
  • Does this replace the company’s confidential hotline? No. You should continue to use the confidential hotline for concerns unrelated to the Special Committee’s investigation. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.


Patricia Mulroy