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Witness speaks out after deadly crash

Posted at 7:55 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-25 22:55:16-05
A witness to a deadly hit-and-run is speaking out only to Action News.  
The mother, who did not want her name released, said she was one of the last people to see Bobbie Grayson, 16, alive.
"It's horrific," said the woman, "I seen her in my rear view mirror, it was pretty hard, her body flew."
The witness said she was driving behind suspect Anthony Lauria, 28, moments before the crash.  
"He was swerving a lot, going down Craig, he was also texting," she said. 
Investigators believe Lauria was driving under the influence when his Ford left the road, striking Grayson who was walking in the gutter area near the sidewalk.
The woman said at first she thought the driver was going to stop, but he kept going. 
"I'm panicking but I notice that I can actually see the license plate," she said.
With her 16-month-old in the back seat, the woman called her father who jotted down the driver's plates.
"I'm just glad they caught the person who did this to my sister," said Jemikia Hines.
Hines had this message for people who drink and drive. 
"Not only y'all mess up y'all lives, y'all mess up other people's lives too," she said.
More than a hundred people gathered at a vigil for Grayson Wednesday night.
"This makes no sense, drinking and driving has to stop," said one man.
The witness tells Action News she did contact authorities.