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Witnesses describe Target shooting

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-18 01:12:11-04
Police have made an arrest after a man shot at another man Thursday afternoon at a Target store off Blue Diamond Road near Arville Street.
"That's a 25 -- why is somebody shooting a 25?" said Tasia Sutfin, a woman who was at Target when the shooting happened.
What happened next, Sutfin says, was pure chaos.
"People started heading to the back of the store to go hide, others were looking for their keys trying to hide their kids, waiting for him to walk away," said Sutfin.
Police rushed to Target, but not before a shot was fired by someone who had nothing to do with the original crime. A security guard was getting into it with a shoplifter. Once the thief bolted, that's when 44-year-old Stephen Howard reportedly pulled the trigger.
"I can't understand why somebody would try to shoot at a thief. He's not threatening anybody's life anymore," said Sutfin.
Sutfin says Howard was pacing and acting really weird, even shouting. Police say Howard was carrying a concealed gun without a permit. For those who weren't there, it's a hard story to believe.
"Anyone could've been in the crossfire. It could've been, it really probably could've been more serious," said Tia Troutman, a Target shopper.
"I bring my daughters here. I have two little girls. Do I go get a gun? Do I carry a gun with me to protect myself and my family?" asked Stacey Wilder, another Target shopper.
The shooter was arrested and faces felony charges.