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Wind brings down large covering in Henderson

Posted at 1:30 PM, Oct 17, 2016
Powerful winds knocked over a huge covering in Henderson.
"I think it could have been really bad, "said Linda van Dommelen, a resident of the complex near Sunset Road and Valle Verde Drive.
The wind slammed a carport cover to the ground, bending the support beams, and snapping electrical wires. Minutes before, people were underneath it.
"She was right under there. We could've gotten really hurt," said Lucia Nunez, a resident.
"Anybody could have been under there. They could have been opening their truck and getting in their trunk and they totally would have been smashed," said Katrina Cope, a witness.
The covering spans several parking spaces. 
A witness says there was a car under it when it collapsed.
"It was very close, I mean had his car not been a compact car it definitely would've gotten smashed," said Cope.
Now, the same fear is running through everyone's head.
"They're rusted under there and I'm sure these are going to go the next winds that come that are this strong. I'm afraid to walk under there now," said Nunez.
Management says they'll try to get the covering moved before the end of the day. 
They're planning to check all the other covers to make sure they're stable. 
Most of them were built in the 1990s.