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Wildlife officials meet with concerned neighbors about coyotes

Posted at 12:15 AM, Aug 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-11 07:45:16-04
Neighbors in the east valley are demanding answers after coyotes attacked several pets in recent weeks.
"I believe he was trying to protect her when the coyotes came over," Ellen Davis said Thursday of her family's dog that was killed near Tropicana Avenue and Boulder Highway.
Bonnie is now without her Clyde after the dog was attacked last week in the backyard.
“Both of the dogs met me at the door and then Clyde upchucked some blood," Davis said.
The dog then ran into the backyard and died.
Davis says the coyotes that attacked Clyde greeted her as she pulled up to the house.
"I said I'm not getting out of this car. I'm calling the police," she said.
She isn't the only neighbor demanding answers about the coyotes they say are terrorizing the Palm Gardens community.
"There were three of them in my front yard and she couldn't get out of her car because she opened and closed the door slamming it and they wouldn't leave,” an unidentified neighbor said.
The Department of Wildlife spent an hour and half explaining coyote issues to the community. They explained the best way to get rid of them is to make sure they don't feel at home, adding that moving them doesn't work.
Davis wants to make sure everyone is spreading the message, so pet owners can take precautions as she is now doing to keep Bonnie safe.
“I heard after the fact. I think yours was the 14th, 15th pet killed in this neighborhood," Davis said.
The Department of Wildlife told those in attendance it is important to clean up after feeding pets outside and to avoid leaving extra water outside. They say both can attract coyotes or other animals the coyotes are hunting.