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Wild weather conditions around the valley

Posted at 7:13 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 22:16:23-05
Some of the wind gusts around the valley through the day have been pretty impressive. Things were really getting blown around this morning on Mt. Charleston along with snow sleet and a power outage.
The weather was not a pleasant surprise Thursday morning. The wind was very intense.

"Coming up here was really windy and the car was moving,” said a guest at the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

The mountain got a fresh coat of snow overnight thanks to heavy snowfall and high winds.
"This morning it was pretty nasty," said another lodge guest.
The manager of the lodge says there were "probably 40-50 mile per hour winds on the ride up the mountain with some foggy weather and some sleet and rain.”
The weather relaxed just in time for families to take in the mountain and all of its glory. Lodge guests agree that the high winds down in the valley are, in a word, annoying, but on the mountain, they add excitement to  the overall experience.
"It’s beautiful,” said a lodge guest. “The wind is beautiful. My motivation was definitely to see the snow.”
In Las Vegas, winds swept the valley.
We got reports of wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour up in Summerlin. Carol Sullivan called Action News when the wind fell a tree in her backyard.
"When I looked out I saw this gigantic tree with the roots and I went back into the house immediately and called the Terra West management company," said Sullivan.
Sullivan said they asked her to go out and look at the damage, then send them an email.
She said she pays a lot of money for fees to the management to handle things, and was upset at their response.
After we called, the landscaping company came out and cut the tree into sections to be disposed of.