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Wild police chase caught on camera starts in Nye County, ends in Las Vegas

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jul 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 12:20:57-04

Video shot by body and dashboard cameras show the dramatic moments of a police chase that started at a hotel In Nye County and ended in Las Vegas. 

From the moment the cameras roll, we know the Nye County Sheriff's Office deputies are heading into a dicey situation. A deputy is heard saying the suspect may be suicidal and in possession of a firearm. The video is from the A&E cable television show "Live PD." 

Retired Las Vegas police officer Phil Ramos reviewed the video for 13 Action News and shared his firsthand knowledge of dangerous police pursuits.

It begins just as deputies are preparing to confront the suspect and his girlfriend at a Nye County hotel. After knocking on the door, deputies hear a commotion from inside the room and realize the suspects have escaped through a window. A man and his girlfriend take off in what police say is a stolen vehicle with Nye County deputies in pursuit. 

 "Normally you see someone that's this desperate gunning it, " said Phil Ramos. "They're going as fast as they can."

But these suspects are moving a bit slower and Nevada Highway Patrol troopers eventually use spike strips to stop them. By this point, Las Vegas police, NHP and Nye County deputies are all in on the action.  

"Nye County would call Metro and say we have a pursuit we are coming your way," said Ramos. " 

Surrounded, the suspects finally stop and surrender near Rainbow and Tropicana Avenue in Las Vegas. 

"All  of these scenarios you play in your head expecting the worst, but hoping for the best," Ramos said. "But in this case it was the best outcome they could have hoped for."