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What you need to know now that it's rattlesnake season

Posted at 11:33 PM, Mar 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-19 09:51:16-04

Spring is right around the corner which means the Las Vegas valley rattlesnake season is upon us.

Red Rock Search and Rescue says there's been multiple rattlesnake sightings in the past few weeks, especially on the warmer days we've had.

Bryan Zink with Red Rock Search and Rescue reminds hikers, there are five different types of rattlesnakes that can be found in the Las Vegas area.

All of them have brownish, grayish coloring that blends in with the desert landscape.

"Most rattlesnake bites tend to happen when the snakes are startled," said Zink.

Rattlesnakes tend to be spotted in the open desert areas as well as the steeper canyons.

Zink says you might be more likely to see one on the following three trails in Red Rock Canyon:

- Turtlehead Park
- Kraft Mountain Loop
- Calico Basin

Zink reminds us, if you see one, stay calm.

"Definitely do not go around it," he said. "If it seed you moving side to side, it may think you are a predator that's actually trying to kill it or eat it and ia may attack."

If you or your dog get bit, stay calm and stay hydrated. Zink says you don't want the venom spreading too far in your body.

Try and have someone carry you or your dog (whoever got bit) until you can receive antivenom.