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Water leak frustrates Summerlin neighborhood

Posted at 9:33 AM, Mar 28, 2018

People in Summerlin are complaining about a waste of water in their neighborhood.

They turned to 13 Action News when reporting it didn't seem to go anywhere.

"This is the source here so when it really gushes you couldn't really tell if it was coming from here or the fire hydrant," said Cory Sadler, one of the neighbors who reported the leak.

The stream of water runs down the street for several blocks near West Lake Mead Boulevard and North Rampart Boulevard. Neighbors say it's been like this for awhile.

The leak was reported to the Las Vegas Valley Water District, but neighbors say it seemed like nothing was happening.

A spokesman for the LVVWD says they've known about the leak for several days. They didn't think it was an emergency so they did some troubleshooting and checked out the pipes beneath the leak.

They had to dig up a sizable area, but now, less than 24 hours after asking about the leak, it has stopped.