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Water discovered in underground lake on Mars

Posted: 8:55 AM, Jul 25, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-25 13:50:03-04
Water discovered in underground lake on Mars

A 12-mile-wide reservoir was recently discovered on Mars buried in the planet's surface.

According to National Geographic , radar scans revealed a reservoir of salty, liquid water a mile beneath the planet's south pole.

What's even more exciting, this lake is likely not the only one on the red planet.

“There are other areas that seem to be similar. There’s no reason to say this is the only one,”   Elena Pettinelli  of Italy’s Roma Tre University said. She's the co-author of the   paper reporting the discovery  in the journal Science.

Astrobiologists say this discovery would be ideal for extraterrestrial life-forms.

“In this kind of environment that we know of on Earth, in the Antarctic, we have bacteria,” Pettinelli said. “They can be deep in the ice.”

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