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Tips to know when your air conditioner is on the brink of a breakdown

Posted at 8:33 AM, Jul 25, 2018

With scorching temperatures expected all week, one of the biggest worries for people is if their air conditioning unit is working properly.

If you catch the issues too late you could spend more time and money on repairs.

Here are a few signs your unit may be breaking down soon:

  • Loud knocking or noises from unit
  • Warm or less cool than normal air out of vents in house
  • Bad or strange odor
  • Moisture/dripping around unit
  • Air conditioning keeps turning on and off for no reason

Repairmen also say you don't always need to call them if your air conditioning unit isn't working, there are some things that you can fix yourself.

  • Thermostat: Are all switches in the correct operating position?
  • Circuit Breakers: Be familiar with which breakers control your air conditioning and heating. Are they in the "ON" position?
  • Filters: Check to make sure you have a clean filter.
  • Time Delay Circuits: Some units and thermostats have a 2 to 5 minute delay before the unit will come back on. Be patient before you call for service.
  • Do not start and stop your unit. Turning the thermostat up and on at short intervals or switching it off and on can cause compressor problems.
  • If you have a ground mounted unit, be sure that the air access is not blocked by bushes or plants.
  • Do you have a load controller? Make sure this device hasn't automatically turned off your air conditioning.