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WalletHub: Las Vegas near bottom of list of 'most caring' cities

Posted at 8:50 PM, Dec 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-27 23:50:29-05

Las Vegas isn't the most caring city, at least according to one survey.

In WalletHub's list of most caring cities, Las Vegas ranked No. 88 out of the 100 most populated cities. Henderson fared slightly better at 78 while North Las Vegas was 94.

However, Reno was No. 21 on the list and at least according to WalletHub, the most caring of the most populated cities in Nevada.

WalletHub used data such as percentage of sheltered homeless persons, number of volunteering hours per capita, percentage of income donated to charity to determine the list, residents doing favors for neighbors, carpooling, child poverty and student-teacher ratios.

While Reno ranked high, it did rank 97th for the lowest percentage of income donated to charity.

Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas were tied at 71 for the fewest volunteering hours per capita. The three cities were also tied at 98 for the fewest residents working in community and social services per capita.

Madison, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Boise, Idaho and Honolulu, Hawaii were considered the top 5 most caring cities.

Source: WalletHub