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Voters react to Trump impersonator

Posted at 11:59 PM, Nov 18, 2016
The presidential election fueled a lot of passion on both sides.
And now that Donald Trump is president-elect we decided to take the pulse of voters and see what they think now that he’s about to move into the white house.
We couldn’t get the President-\Elect to do an interview with us so we did the next best thing. We follow around trump impersonator, Las Vegas’s very own, John Di Domenico.
We go to the world famous welcome to Las Vegas sign to see what voters think of the President-Elect.
Right away, we find a guy who had the name “Trump” tattooed on his forearm.
“You're gonna make America a better place," said Trump supporter Gavin Phillips. "I already have. I already have because of you," Di Domenico said. “I love this guy!"
Fans, tourists, even newlyweds flock to him.
Others find him deplorable.
"I don't like Donald Trump," said Tatiana Roman, who voted against Trump. "We're not going to be taking selfies with Trump, real or fake," said Jenet Roman, Tatiana’s sister.
People on Fremont Street, people were just as split as the rest of the nation.
“I did vote for him and i got (expletive) for it," said one woman. 
"I live in Canada, so i don't have to worry about him," said another man.
Di Domenico tells us he’s generally gotten good responses from people. That was before the election. Now that reality is settling in, he is getting some negative reactions.
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