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Viral video raises concerns over hoverboards

Posted at 7:10 PM, Dec 09, 2015
Hoverboards are a hot item this holiday season.
While they are flying off the shelves, some people are reporting their machines are actually catching on fire.
Cell phone footage caught on hoverboard overheating inside a Washington State mall. The video is going viral, but overall, sales are still up.
"It started slow. We were selling one or two a day. Now we're five, six, seven a day," Troy Bulloch of Viva E Bikes said.
The incidents are few and far between right now  but they can cause serious damage. People have reportedly fallen off the machines and landed in the emergency room, but many locals say it is worth the risk.
So far there have been no explosions reported in Las Vegas. Both the Better Business Bureau and the Nevada Department of Business and Industry say they have not received any reports. We also checked with McCarran.
We were told you can't ride around in the airport on a hoverboard. When it comes to traveling, every airline is different, so make sure and check before you load it into your suitcase.