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Videos give insight to suspected killer's mind

Posted at 10:28 AM, Nov 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-20 13:28:35-05

Las Vegas police have now arrested a teenager in a Wednesday evening homicide. Police received a call Wednesday to conduct a welfare check, and then found an adult male stabbed to death. They believe the 17- year-old arrested is the victim's son.  

Neighbors say the son may have been suffering from a mental illness.  Action News found some social media accounts and YouTube videos posted by a teenager, who neighbors identified as the victim's son, and suspected killers.  

Videos posted by the teenager say things like "why won't someone kill me, and "I would rather be dead than live in the world we live in." 

Jan Zemardis, the next door neighbor, says in a conversation just hours before the victim was found dead, the teenager had said "I can't be hurt, I'm indestructible, I can't die."  She also said the teenager's behavior was strange and out of control.  

"His father was always making excuses for him, he said he had ADHD, he was hyperactive," says Zemardis.  "I think the father thought he had to keep him at home and just be responsible for him, instead of having him admitted." 

The teenager is facing one count of murder with a deadly weapon. 

The Clark County coroner identified the deceased as 53-year-old John O'Neil on Friday morning. The coroner said that the cause of death is multiple sharp force injuries. The teenager has not been identified.

This was the 112th homicide investigated by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2015.