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Zappos talks package theft season

Posted at 1:13 PM, Dec 05, 2015
UPDATE: It's a troubling trend we've been talking about more often lately, especially because of the holidays.
We're seeing more cases of thieves walking up to homes and snatching packages from the doorstep.
It's happening all over the country and the police say the crimes are on the rise now that we are in the holiday season. Now a popular online retailer is weighing in on the crimes.
"Package theft definitely does pick up during the holidays because we are shipping out more packages," said Rob Seifker, Zappos senior director of customer loyalty.
Seifker said as troubling and unfortunate as it is, for a company like Zappos dealing with thefts is part of doing business.
"We don't think of it so much as a problem, we think about it mostly as if we have an issue with a customer and we just take care of it," explained Seifker.
The company's main focus is on the customer, not on package thefts.
"We're a service company we want to wow them, we want to go above and beyond to make sure that in that situation they feel comfortable so that they can trust us as a business," said Seifker
If you bought a package from Zappos and it was stolen, give the company a call and it will do what it can to make it right by sending you another one or refunding your money.
A North Las Vegas woman caught two women taking packages off her porch.
Ashley Linville installed the security camera in her doorbell after her home was burglarized in August.
Linville's husband got home moments after the incident. The video showed the suspected thieves had been at the home about 5:15 p.m.
There was one tall box and one small box. Items for Linville's personal business were inside the boxes.
Linville posted the surveillance video on Facebook and it was immediately shared hundreds of times. Linville belives the crooks may have seen the video because they decided to return the opened packages to her porch before 7 a.m.