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VIDEO: Security guard Jesus Campos talks 1 October mass shooting on 'The Ellen Show'

VIDEO: Security guard Jesus Campos talks 1 October mass shooting on 'The Ellen Show'
Posted at 6:47 AM, Oct 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-18 11:33:38-04

The Mandalay Bay security officer shot during the 1 October attack broke his silence on the Ellen show.

The show expected to air Wednesday is the first time Campos has told his side publicly. He was joined by the maintenance engineer, Stephen Schuck, who police said also responded to the barricaded fire door.

In an eight-minute section of the interview released by "Good Morning America," Campos said he found the fire door blocked when he came up from the 31st floor.

After going back around and coming in from the 32nd floor, Campos said he saw the braces on the door and called for an engineer to check things out. Campos said at that point he heard what he thought was drilling. As he left the emergency stairwell, Campos said the door slammed shut.

"It almost slammed. I'm walking down this way and I believe that is what caught the shooter's attention," Jesus Campos said.

The security officer told Ellen, he believed that is what drew the gunman’s attention as he heard rapid gunfire shortly after.

Campos recalled feeling a burning sensation and then seeing the blood.

"I heard rapid fire. At first, I took cover.  I felt a burning sensation and I lifted up my pant leg and saw the blood," Campos said.

He said at that point he radioed to dispatch that shots were fired.
That’s when Schuck said he entered the hallway, telling Ellen Campos yelled for him to get away.

"He leaned out and he said to take cover, take cover and yelled at me.  Within millisecond if he hadn't said that I would have got hit," Stephen Schuck said.

As he ducked out of the way Schuck said he felt the pressure from the bullets passing him.

At the end of the clip, Ellen said both men refused payment for the interview. She instead gave them tickets for their favorite NFL teams.

The show also made a $25,000 donation to the Las Vegas Victims' Fund.