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Video shows crews cleaning food carts in dirty alley behind local grocery store

Posted at 7:04 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 22:05:21-05

A 13 Action News viewers sent us a video of what she believes are crews cleaning food carts in a dirty alley. 

The video is taken behind the Cardenas Market on Bonanza Road and Lamb Boulevard. 

In the video, the woman, Tanya Hernandez, said she could see crews power washing the carts, but it didn't seem that anything was protecting them from touching the ground. 

"People go back there and urinate," said Hernandez. 
In the video you can also hear Hernandez yell "[it's] where you put the racks for the meat and you take out the bread from the oven, well, they have them outside and they are cleaning them on the floor."
"Gross, I feel disgusted," Hernandez said. 
13 Action News went to the Cardenas Market to get some answers. We asked whether the rack belonged to Cardenas. The manager on site said they did not and she wasn't aware of any of their carts being washed on Friday. 
The manager said they do have similar racks that are used to hold breads and meats, but denied the ones in the video belonging to the store. 
13 Action News also checked with CVS, the only store that shares the same alley way with Cardenas. CVS said the only thing they power wash is their sidewalk. 
Cardenas said they have hired people to power wash their shopping carts in the alley, but again denied having the carts washed Friday. 
13 Action News did send the video to the health district. They said they would file a complaint and have an official investigate the claim. 
As of Monday morning, Cardenas Market had an "A" grade.