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Video captures encounter in Mountain's Edge

Posted at 12:17 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-03 15:17:52-05
A valley man is finally speaking out after shocking surveillance video goes viral. The video shows two people approaching the man's home in Mountain's Edge.
One of suspects is holding a shot gun. Police are now looking for both of them.
We see it all go down from a window on the second floor. A man and a woman leave their car behind as they walk to the front door.
"This is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me," the homeowner told Action News. “I was completely defenseless and I almost opened the door."
The homeowner does not want to reveal his identity, so we'll call him Brian Jones. He says he was watching TV when he heard the doorbell ring. That's when he walked up to the peephole.
"I saw a female that I did not recognize,” he said. “Behind her, I could see a male hiding behind the wall."
The woman asked about a man named Jake. Jones told her that no one by that named lived in the house and ordered her to step away.
"She did not leave so I stated very forcefully and louder step away from my house,” Jones told Action News. The male stepped around the corner, raised what looked to me like a shot gun, jacked it, and pointed it at the door.
But he didn't shoot. Here, you can see the woman run back to the car. The male suspect follows and glances down at his gun twice. Jones is happy to be alive, but the incident still haunts him.
Police responded to Jones’ 911 call that night, but he didn't file a formal report.
He fled to a family member’s home in another state where he could find peace.
He filed a formal police report this morning. According to that report, the suspects got away in a white 4-door vehicle. The Las Vegas police department is actively looking for the suspects, especially the man. If caught, he will be charged with aiming a gun at a person.