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8-year-old boy creates a special handmade gift for Golden Knights goalie

Boy gives wallet to Fleury at arena
Posted at 5:56 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 13:20:55-04

An 8-year-old Golden Knights fan is making Marc-Andre Fleury smile. The little boy created a gift for the Knights' goaltender and gave it to him in person.

As dozens of fans waited for Fleury leave City National Arena, Ryan Burr and his mom waded through the crowd to give his favorite player a gift.

It's a gift Ryan had sewn with his own two hands.

"I wanted to learn how to sew because my mom was sewing a blanket," says Ryan.

Ryan just started sewing about a week ago. He made a wallet for Fleury one that had a tiny pocket.

Nina Porciuncula: What was the small pocket for?

Ryan Burr: Just hiding candy.

Ryan thought about mailing it to Fleury. But during Saturday's practice game, his mom saw an opportunity and took it.

Cynthia Burr says, "It put a smile on Fleury's face and I was pretty proud of Ryan for having the confidence to want to give it to Fleury."

Cynthia Burr said once the other Golden Knights fans knew about Ryan's mission, they helped him get in front of the line.

"They could've taken the time to shake Fleury's hand, give him a fist bump. But they knew what Ryan had and they wanted Ryan to get to give it to him."

"It makes me so grateful for Las Vegas, to be a Vegas native," says Cynthia.

After seeing Fleury's smile, Ryan says, it's his mission now to make more wallets for other players.

"I'm probably going to make some more if they want," says Ryan.