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UPDATE: No security patrols seen at site of apartment fire

Posted at 7:02 PM, Apr 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-03 23:26:40-04

UPDATE APRIL 3: Management of the apartment complex would not answer 13 Action News' questions regarding the looting.

While 13 Action News was there, crews noticed that there was a fence at the site of the fire but no security patrols.

The fire department says once firefighters finish putting out the fire, it's up to the complex to secure it.


Victims who lost almost everything in a fire say they've lost even more.

Two fires have destroyed the apartments near Washington and Rainbow in less than a year. The first hit in May and another struck on March 27.

On Saturday, people went to recover their items and found some of their most precious belongings missing. At least two families tell us their fridges were cleared out, and one man says his laptop and TV were gone. They don't know who could have done this because the area has been gated off and some of the units have been boarded up.

One woman says she's missing some sentimental items, like stuffed animals and other mementos. She, along with the others, just can't believe someone would take advantage of people who are victims of a tragedy.

13 Action News tried to talk to management to see if security has been patrolling the area where the fire happened. We were only told to come back to the office on Monday.