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Victim of twerking inside gas station speaks out

Posted at 1:00 PM, Nov 19, 2015

You probably remember the video of two women twerking and groping a man in a Washington, D.C., gas station. One of the women involved in the assault is from Las Vegas.

Now the victim is speaking out.

His name is Washington Tharpe and he says that the twerking was only the beginning.

Tharpe says that one of the women grabbed his private parts and would not stop chasing him around the gas station.

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He also says that the women followed him outside and that the woman in the red dress even tried to stop him from getting into his vehicle.

And then, the incident was not over. Once he drove away, Tharpe claims that the women briefly followed him.

Tharpe says that he was humiliated by what happened.

Both of the women have been charged with sexual abuse.