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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Vehicle break-ins in SW Vegas

Posted at 6:52 PM, Apr 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-25 23:41:42-04
People in two Las Vegas neighborhoods are sounding the alarm after recent vehicle break-ins and the crimes were caught on camera.
Matthew Fornander said his cameras caught four men using crowbars to break into cars in his neighborhood.
It happened early Friday morning on Emerald Youth Way near Fort Apache and Blue Diamond roads. Fornander said a number of cars where hit and the whole neighborhood is fired up.
"Everybody's pretty upset I mean we all live in this gated community and you feel like you are suppose to be safe," he said.
There are three cameras on the front of the house, all of them are very visible but Fornander said they don't seem to be deterring the crooks. He is hoping the footage will help police catch them.
"They just went up and down with disregard for everybody. To just go through everybody's vehicles like they own the place like they have the right to take what's not theirs," said Fornander.
Just a few miles away near Cimarron and Blue Diamond roads, another homeowner is warning her neighbors after her security cameras caught three men breaking into cars on Saturday.
"This has happened again back in September, so we are pretty familiar with what happens. They just go from car to car and look for open doors," said Veronica, who didn't want her last name used.
She keeps all of hers locked but said the crooks got into quite a few cars around her area.
"I wanted people to be aware that they are out there doing this again, going car to car and just to keep their cars locked," said Veronica.
We did check crime mapping and called Las Vegas police and were told there hasn't been any sort of spike in vehicle break-ins in the area but it's possible not everyone reported the crimes.
There's also no word if the two incidents are related.