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Vegas teacher struggling to fix car after windows broken in school parking lot

Posted at 6:58 AM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 12:08:23-04
A teacher finds something that would scare a lot of people in the school parking lot. Her reaction is a little different.
Amberley Dorrell was staying late to make lesson plans at Richard C. Priest Elementary School earlier this week. She's a fourth grade teacher. When she finally left work, hers was one of the only cars in the parking lot. 
It looks like someone shot up her car. 
"We don't have the ability to just take care of things like this because we don't have savings set aside for things like this cause we don't expect it to happen," said Dorrell.
Several of the windows were smashed. Glass was scattered throughout the car's interior.
Amberley works two jobs, plus she's in the National Guard. She doesn't have time to be scared. Her biggest concern now: paying for this.
"I have a few more avenues and options than the others, but I'm still barely making ends meet normally," said Dorrell.
Someone stepped up that very night to help Dorrell.
"My principal is amazing. She actually followed me home Tuesday night so that I could get my car home," explained Dorrell.
Dorrell's boss helped her get home that night. Even days after the vandalism, the car windows continue to crack and crumble. For Dorrell, finances are her biggest fear now.
"I don't have any time for anyone to really be upset with me personally so I was more crap how am I going to deal with this," said Dorrell.
The school's parent-teacher association is helping raise money for Dorrell. Her fellow teachers are offering to drive her to and from school until her car is repaired.
School police took a report, but they haven't made an arrest in this case.