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Gaston family continuing legacy of matriarch

Posted at 11:12 AM, Mar 01, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Almary Gaston was an extraordinary woman.

In her 90 years, she started a church where she was a pastor, ran a food bank out of her garage, became a legend in the gospel community and raised a big, loving family.

"She always says she was put on this earth to help people and I believe it," said Jabril Simms, one of Almary's grandsons.

For the first time, the Gaston family is having to go on without their longtime matriarch Almary, who died on Feb. 19 at the age of 90.

Dominque Gaston, one of Almary's grandsons, describes her as "a short ball of fire with a feisty attitude." He said she was strong willed, "anything she put her mind and her hands to, she did it."

And Almary did a lot in her years.

"She had a vision to feed the community, to pray for all who need it. She had a vision to build a house for the lord the church," said Jessie Gaston, one of Almary's 14 children.

To feed the community, she set up a kind of food bank in her garage -- collecting donations from local grocery stores, sorting in boxes and offering the food to whoever needed it.

"She wanted people to eat. She didn't care what kind of shape you were in, if you are hungry, it's always food at the big house. Everybody call this the big house," said Jabril.

Jabril helped his grandmother run the food bank for nearly a decade and plans to continue operating it now.

Down the street, the Anointed Tabernacle church, which serves around 400 parishioners. Founded in 1997, Almary served as the pastor until passing the reigns to her daughter a couple years ago.

Almary did many extraordinary things in her lifetime but her legacy will likely be rooted in her kindness.

"She teaches us all to love people -- first, love God and then love people that's the way it works in the world. That's what the world needs today is love," said Jabril.

And even in her absence, the Gaston family will continue on making Vegas a better place -- just the way Almary wanted -- with love. That's why the Gaston family is our Vegas Stronger Champions.

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