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Vegas residents upset over multiple broken car windows in gated community

Posted at 7:24 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 10:24:23-04

A surprising number of people on the east side of the valley woke up to the same problem over the weekend – broken cars windows. It's costing them money and they want answers.

There is a gate around the Capri Apartments near East Tropicana Avenue and South Pecos Road. Yet, that didn't stop someone from going around and smashing out car windows.

More and more victims are reaching out to 13 Action News. It's hard to say exactly how many cars were hit. One victim said as many as 25 cars were damaged. A 13 Action News crew spotted at least six vehicles with broken windows. Officially, Las Vegas police have gotten four crime reports, but no one is reporting anything stolen.

"My first reaction was surprise. Really I was shocked anybody would do that," said Sean Elliot, one of the victims.

Management for the apartment complex told 13 Action News they were aware of the problem. They said they wanted to add more security patrols, but wouldn't give more details.

Police say they haven't found any surveillance video of the crimes. At this point, they are looking for more victims to file reports in order to get a better picture of just how big this issue is.

"I'm just shocked. It's horrible. These people need to put cameras in here and catch these people," said Jeannine Robinson, whose car was vandalized.

several victims said they are paying out of pocket to fix all the broken glass.