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Vandals target local mailboxes

Posted at 6:38 PM, Nov 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-18 21:38:38-05
Dozens of people in one valley neighborhood have all been hit by vandals.
Overnight Sunday, someone busted open eight different mailbox clusters and they still have not been fixed.
"When I was cruising around last night, I noticed not just this mailbox but almost every single mailbox in this entire neighborhood has been hit," said Jeremy Webb, who lives in the neighborhood near Warm Springs and Paradise.
"And by hit, I mean completely torn open."
The United States Postal Service does not know exactly how many people are affected by this, but people we talked to estimate dozens of their neighbors had their mailboxes busted.
"You could get your entire identity stolen," said Webb. "Basically if your mail gets taken, it depends on what is in the mail, they could take your identity, they could take your bank account, they could take just about everything form you."
Action News looked into what USPS is going to do for these people who have already waited several days for a fix.
We do know about newer, more secure mailboxes being put in place in other parts of the valley.
For those people recently hit, USPS would not tell us whether the new units will be the ones replacing the breached boxes.
The postal service did not want to tell us what makes these mailboxes better because they say it might aid would-be thieves. But people in this neighborhood are shaken up.
"Honestly, it makes me feel uneasy because all this time I've lived in this neighborhood I've never had a problem, never had any thieves in the mailboxes," Webb said. "And then just come out one day and all the mailboxes are taken."
We tried probing for more about these new mailboxes, but USPS did not want to reveal much. In fact, they wouldn't even tell us anything more about security reasons, other than that units are being repaired or replaced.