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Vandals smash in multiple car windows in Silverado Ranch neighborhood

Posted at 6:51 PM, May 30, 2017

Vandals smashed in multiple car windows in a Silverado Ranch neighborhood and now neighbors are working together to catch the criminals. 

Neighbors near Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Pollock Drive say at least 10 cars had their front windshield shattered Friday night. 

"They drove down the street and smashed windows," said Keith Kohrs. 

Kohrs was coming home from the hospital with his newborn baby when he noticed his rental car windshield smashed in. 

"It kind of sucked you know coming home with a brand new baby," Kohrs said.

His next door neighbor Nancy Avila also had her car damaged. 

"It looks like someone just took a bat to it and hit," Avila said. 

She works at a local Starbucks and now has to walk to work until her windshield is fixed. 

"It was pretty frustrating because it's the only transportation I have," Avila said. 

Other neighbors like Benja Yatprachum are still trying to figure out how they will pay to replace their shattered windows. 

"I thought the insurance was going to cover everything, but no, no one's going to help me," Yatprachum said. 

Kohrs has added security cameras to his home to help catch these vandals in case they return. He wants to band neighbors together to protect his property and his family. 

"So when I go to work I don't have to worry about my family not being safe in a neighborhood we should have no problems in," Kohrs said. 

Neighbors have suggested starting a GoFundMe account for families affected by the vandalism.