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Woman angry over police directing traffic

Posted at 6:49 PM, Apr 22, 2016
A Valley woman is sick of seeing Las Vegas police directing traffic at a construction zone.
She doesn't like the thought of taxpayer money being spent that way. 
"At first I thought, 'oh my gosh there must be a terrible accident,'" said LaRae DiCamillo, about seeing officer's directing traffic.
As it turns out, there wasn't an accident at all. Police were there simply to direct traffic through the construction zone.
"It went through my mind, 'why are we the taxpayers paying for LVMPD to have to do this when the developers need to be taking responsibility,'" 
 DiCamillo said she's not the only one with these concerns, her neighbors have been talking about it too.
"Everybody's upset and nobody really knows where to turn and so that's why we contacted you,"
13 Action News did a little digging and learned in this case, police are not being paid with tax payer money.
"The Badger Corporation pays the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department a set amount for an officer per hour," said LVMPD Public Information Officer Michael Rodriguez.
There are all sorts of safety services that police officers are contracted out for, from walking through casinos to working security for big events.
"Sometimes they are required to hire overtime officers," said Rodriguez. "Other events such as construction projects, the business or the contractor may elect to do that."