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Las Vegas valley pilot looks back at training Inspiration 4 crew

Inspiration 4 Zero-G
Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 15, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — To go forth where few have gone before. The crew of Inspiration 4 made history on Wednesday as the first all-civilian crew to go to space, and they did some major training in Las Vegas at McCarran International Airport to prepare.

Back in July, the crew was at the Zero-G Experience at the airport where they trained on being weightless. They went on an approximately 20-minute flight around the valley with the plane making parabolic loops allowing the crew to float around. The pilot of the plane, Diana Klein, says it’s such an important step for them to know how to move around with no gravity.

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“It’ll make their flight more efficient and they’ll be able to go about their duties over the three days they’re in space much more easily than they would not having that knowledge,” she said.

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Klein says watching them launch into space was an inspiring image that was really brought out by the hundreds of people who were there at the Kennedy Space Center watching in person. She says she’s blown away by the continuing interest in space from the public.

“Much like tailgating for a football game, just watching the launch. It was neat to see how much of an impact this crew’s mission has made on the entire general public. Enough for so many people to turn out on a Wednesday night, on a work night,” she said.