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Valley pest control worker mauled by pit bulls

Posted at 5:48 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 23:12:04-04

A valley pest control worker almost lost his hands in a recent dog attack.

"I could start seeing all the tendons when I was moving my fingers and I could see the tendons moving with my own eyes, there was no skin left," said Scott Fieger of the violent attack.
Fieger has been a pest control worker for 25 years. He didn't hear any dogs barking and the gate was unlocked, so he headed into the backyard of a home near Clayton Street and Lone Mountain Road in North Las Vegas on April 25 to spray like he was hired to.
"These two loose pit bulls, the aggressors, they both came around and they just started mauling me," he said.
Fieger said the two pit bulls were attacking him for a long time before he was somehow able to make it back though the gate, locking them inside.
"I just looked back at them and it was the most sickening thing, they had my blood just drenched all over their coat."
The two pit bulls shattered bones and ripped off tendons. Fieger said he needed 700 to 800 stitches and he's not sure he'll ever regain full use of his hands. He said he's traumatized and as far as he knows the dogs' owners aren't cooperating.
13 Action News knocked on the door but all we heard were dogs barking. North Las Vegas police say animal control took the two pit bulls and they are now in quarantine. Animal control is still investigating. So far it's unclear if the owners will face charges.
Fieger said it could be four to six weeks before he learns if he'll regain full use of his hands. He does have a GoFundMe page set up to help while he recovers.