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Las Vegas moms worried about suspicious activity in neighborhood

Alleged drugs, theft, and vandalism next door
Posted at 11:20 PM, May 25, 2017

Las Vegas valley moms turned to 13 Action News about an alleged threat in the neighborhood near Bonanza Road and Nellis Boulevard.

"How many people in real life just see someone like randomly smoking drugs," said Courtney Vacca.

All is well inside Vacca's home but the mom of two says it's a different story outside her door.

According to neighbors, the problem is a group of homes on the street.  

Two of the homes are vacant. One, on the corner, is occupied by several residents.

"I mean, there are groups, all day, all night," said Vacca.

"There's people that go from the corner house to this house next door," said mom Erica Mota.

Mota says the residents have stolen her mail. She believes they may be behind vandalism in the area as well. 

Others said they've seen the residents doing drugs in broad daylight.

13 Action News is reaching out to police and the county during normal business hours.